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Service. Leadership. Accountability. Integrity. Neat. Teamwork. Execution

Commercial and industrial roofing isn’t built simply on rubber membranes, asphalt, and fabricated metals. The companies that stand behind their roofs (truly stand behind them) are few and far between.


At Brady Contracting, and in each of our commercial, multi-family and residential roofing jobs, we take pride in our experience and our values.


We refer to these values as  S.L.A.I.N.T.E ( a tribute to our Irish heritage) they stand for Service, Leadership,  Accountability, Integrity, Neat & Clean, Teamwork, and Execution & Excellence. When you look at our work, it’s those values you’ll also see. Every time!


The customer always comes first. We respond in the most professional manner with a sense of urgency for our customers and potential customers. We are ALL at the service of our customers ALWAYS!


Leadership comes from every part of our company. We teach our teams to be service leaders while on site, community leaders when out and about and personal leaders in their everyday lives. This is exhibited each day by our founder who still walks every job that we complete. 


Each of us are accountable for delivering the best customer experience possible while being efficient and responsible to our company and yours- Always striving to be at our best


We pride ourselves on being honest and having strong moral principles; We promise to give you our HONEST assessment of your needs knowing that at times we may not get your business. We put our and your best interests first, the needs of the business is of utmost importance for long term satisfaction and a trustworthy partnership 

Neat and Clean

We understand that having a tidy and clean work site is important not only to our customers but to our reputation as well. We strive to provide a clean as you go service to our clients and promise to leave your business better than when we got their. Our goal is to not disrupt the day to day operations of your business with our mess. 


Being family owned and operated  we understand that having a working partnership with our customers is key to delivering the best quality service while adhering to both our and our clients core values. Communication is of the utmost importance to succeeding in this value. 

Execution and Excellence

Our job is to deliver upon and execute what we promised to each and everyone of our customers in a timely and professional manner while delivering Excellent service and Excellent work with a personal touch.

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