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Apartments and multi family housing will become more popular as populations expand. A roofer you can trust becomes a valuable asset to the owner of a multi family housing unit. Multi family roofing repairs or installations must meet the highest of expectations. After all, the needs of many people come into play, and the roof must protect families from the dangers of storms and the elements.

Brady Contracting provides premier services across multi family roofing within the Carolina's, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee. Whatever your preference in materials or style of roof, we provide masterful work and unparalleled customer service.

Since 1978, Brady Contracting has been in the business of protecting homes and buildings for residential and commercial property owners throughout the Eastern US specifically the Carolina's. When it comes to multi-family roofing, we have the understanding and knowledge to take care of your various needs. As a multi-family dwelling owner, your top priorities are to satisfy your tenants and maintain your investment. Our top priorities are to you, your property and your tenants.

We represent your full-service solution for any multi family roofing needs. Regardless of your structure’s size or demands, our professional contractors will arrive ready to succeed.


Our Multi Family Housing Roofing Services Benefit from Our Exceptional Work Habits.


Inspections and Repair

Since so many people depend on the service of multi family housing roofs, regular inspections become indispensable. Our expert roofers will quickly and accurately diagnose your roof’s needs. They will also identify potential problem areas such as deteriorated flashing or wind damage. If repairs appear necessary, then we will provide an accurate estimate and finish the work with expediency.


As expert roofing contractors,  Brady Contracting is certified to install most shingle manufacturer’s systems. And we can repair or replace your entire shingle roofing system.


We install many specialty products related to shingle roofing, including wood shake and shingle, copper, slate, and metal.



When you need the job done right, you can count on us. Brady Contracting Specializes in flat roofing of all kinds and will give you the honest answer on the pros and cons of each. 

CONTACT US TODAY by submitting a request for a Free Estimate or Inspection, or call us at the phone number listed above. See for yourself the difference that our multi-family construction experts can make for your property!

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